“Give Me 120 Days and I’ll Give You the Beautiful Feminine Voice You’ve Worked So Hard to Achieve.”

Thousands of Transgendered Women Just Like You Will Never Again Say:                                            “I Pass as a Woman … Until I Open My Mouth!”


Next Course Begins Coming in January 10, 2017

Weekly meetings Tuesdays at 5:00 pm

(MDT, Denver Colorado)



Hello Dear Ladies,

How is your feminine voice coming along?  Are you practicing?  Are you doing a little something everyday to work on your voice?

What specifically still challenges you at this point?  What has been the most challenging task/exercise?  What transfer strategies are working for you?

What’s NOT working?

If you’ve made good to excellent progress with your voice either with me in private VFT (voice feminization training) or in one of my previous beginner’s courses (Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice-audio program or 30 Day Crash Course-Transgender Voice Feminization), then you’re eligible for this advanced course.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Only people who have worked previously with me OR have completed one of the online courses will be enrolled in this advanced course! You MUST be at an advanced level to participate in this course!  This is NOT a beginner’s course.  If you are unsure of your status, please contact Kathe before registering. 


You know me, and you know that as a certified speech-language pathologist and voice feminization specialist, I have one vision for you:  To find the voice of your dreams, to speak with confidence and be happy that the voice you hear and feel is truly feminine and fully expresses your heart and soul.


Testimonial: Barbara (Wisconsin)

I pass as a woman until I open my mouth.

Does this sound familiar?  Can you relate?  I know, you’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money perfecting your feminine image. But your appearance can only take you so far, right?

If you don’t speak like a woman, you’re not going to pass. Period. It’s your VOICE that makes or breaks you as a woman. But you already know that, don’t you? So let me ask you this:

 Why Haven’t You Achieved the Feminine Voice You Want?


If you are still not where you thought you’d be after all this time and after all the hours of practice you’ve put into your voice, it’s because you are challenged in some way.  What you’re doing isn’t taking you to the next dimension.  You know deep in your heart that you can get there, but you aren’t there — yet!



The good news is:  

You can and will progress from where you are

to where you know you can be.

The 120-Day Challenge ADVANCED Course is an interactive 120 day course that will guide you, step-by-step, through the challenges you’re having with your voice feminization program.  You’ve been working hard for some time now and it’s time to overcome those last few obstacles to having a beautiful voice that so many transgender women just like you have accomplished.

The 120-Day Challenge ADVANCED Course program is designed as an ONLINE COURSE that consists of:

  • Weekly Videos – Each week, new videos containing detailed instructions and voice feminization exercises will be posted on the 120-Day Challenge members’ private website.
  • Weekly Worksheets – You will also have access to worksheets that accompany the weekly training videos.
  • Weekly Writing Assignments – You will be provided with specific writing assignments each week to explore your Shadow Female-self.  This inner exploration is not really a creative writing exercise nor a psychotherapeutic exercise.  You will be guided to explore at a deeper level what blocks you from using your feminine voice ALL the time.
  • Weekly Conference Calls – We will have weekly conference calls (on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm MT/USA).  In case you can’t make the conference calls, no worries. These weekly conference calls will be audio recorded and posted to the course’s private members’ site.
  • Private Support Group – We will use a private Yahoo Group as a means of communication for our course. You will post your audio files, share photos and post messages to others in the course.


Next Course Begins Coming in January 10, 2017

(MDT, Denver Colorado)

Early Bird Special Begins on November 15, 2016

images early bird


The course includes 18 hours of direct instruction from the weekly conference calls, more than 160 minutes of video instruction, plus dozens of strategies and tips to help you take your voice to the next dimension–beautiful!

You really can achieve a feminine voice.

During the course, I will ask you to follow my exact instructions and do the work, which includes a twice-daily practice routine, weekly writing assignments and weekly meetings with your assigned Gal-Pal buddies.   The 120-Day Challenge ADVANCEDCourse is intense; I ask a lot of you!  And the payoff is priceless.

Invest just 120 days in your voice NOW and you will develop the skills needed to move from  having just a passable feminine voice to having a beautiful feminine voice that will serve you well for the rest of your life!

Please note that the 120-Day Challenge ADVANCED Course is an education/study group experience. It is not individual voice therapy, though I will be providing one-on-one feedback during our weekly conference calls. This 120-Day Challenge ADVANCED Courseis intended for those of you who been working on feminizing your  voices, but haven’t achieved the success you know you want.

You will be working with a small group of transgender women to share your progress and receive feedback and encouragement.

Barbara, Connecticut
“The 120-Day Challenge will give you great confidence and measurable improvement in your vocal skills. Six weeks in I was already no longer getting “sir” at the drive-up. I looked forward to Kathe’s new exercises and techniques that came in each weekly posting. You will get back as much as you commit to the project, and the rewards are incredible!” 

This course is limited to those people who have either  worked with me in private VFT (voice feminization therapy) or in one of my previous beginner’s programs (Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice  or 30 Day Crash Course-Voice Feminization Basics).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only people who have worked previously with me OR have completed one of the online courses will be enrolled in this advanced course! You MUST be at an advanced level to participate in this course!  This is NOT a beginner’s course.  If you are unsure of your status, please contact Kathe before registering. 


Next Course Begins Coming in January 2017

Weekly meeting are at 5:00 pm

(MDT, Denver Colorado)



Kathe Perez
Certified Speech Language Pathologist
Voice Feminization Specialist
Denver, Colorado